Exciting Career Opportunities For Sports Psychology Graduates

Choosing to pursue a bachelor's degree in sports psychology offers a practical and exciting path to transform one's passion for the game into a rewarding career.

Below are career options in sports and psychology that you can explore with a degree in sports psychology.

Coaches take the lead in guiding and supporting teams and individuals during professional competitions.

Sports Coach

Athletic trainers provide support to athletes through coaching and training, educating them on injury prevention.

Athletic Trainer

A clinical sports psychologist evaluates athletes on both physical and mental aspects, aiming to help them improve performance and enhance their mental well-being.

Clinical Sport Psychologist

Their role remains mostly consistent at the university level, whether they work as assistant coaches, team therapists, or head coaches.

Professional Team Coach

While personal trainers may not offer clinical psychology services, having a deep understanding of human behavior and performance can be beneficial in this field.

Personal Trainer

Colleges and universities often hire sports psychologists to help athletes manage the inherent pressures that come with being a college athlete.

Academic Sports Psychologist